Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SPIE Oil & Gas Services

SPIE Oil & Gas Services (part of the SPIE Group) provides a complete range of services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies through its network of offices in 25 countries across Africa, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.

Our turnover has more than doubled in the last few years thanks to the dedication of our 4,000 employees to whom we give training, recognition, and genuine opportunities for career development. In order to support this growth, SPIE Oil & Gas Services is always seeking talented individuals to join its teams

Job Title Requisition ID Location Date
Senior Designer - Electrical 16-10/39133 Doha Immediately
Senior Designer - Instrument 16-10/39134 Doha Immediately
QA / QC Engineer 16-09/38964/1 Doha Immediately
Production Operator Assistance 16-10/39115 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Mechanical Technician Assistance 16-10/39114 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Instrument Technician Assistance 16-10/39113 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Electrical Technician Assistance 16-10/39112 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Helper 16-10/39111 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Painter 16-10/39110 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Fitter 16-10/39109 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Welder 16-10/39108 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Scafollder 16-10/39107 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Chemical Engineer 16-10/39106 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Housekeeping & Grass Cutting Man 16-10/39105 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Filed Laboratory Technician 16-10/39104 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Admin & Document Controller 16-10/39103 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Crane Operator 16-10/39102 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Radio Operator & Helideck Landing Officer 16-10/39101 East Kalimantan Jan-17
Field Commissioning Specialists 15-11/36429/1 Kuwait City Anticipated Quarter 1, 2017
Site Cable Engineer 16-03/37451 Dubai 2016
Testing Engineer 16-03/37453 Dubai 2016
Protection Engineer 16-03/37454 Dubai 2016
Senior Project Engineer (400kv Cables) 16-03/37443 Dubai 2016
Project Manager 16-03/37428 Dubai 2016

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