Thursday, November 17, 2016

SPIE Oil & Gas Services

SPIE Oil & Gas Services (part of the SPIE Group) provides a complete range of services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies through its network of offices in 25 countries across Africa, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. 

Our turnover has more than doubled in the last few years thanks to the dedication of our 4,000 employees to whom we give training, recognition, and genuine opportunities for career development. In order to support this growth, SPIE Oil & Gas Services is always seeking talented individuals to join its teams

Job TitleRequisition IDLocationDate
Senior Well Service Engineer16-11/39223Sarawak & Kerteh15/12/2016
Project Manager16-11/39220Sarawak & Kerteh15/12/2016
Well Service Engineer16-11/39224Sarawak & Kerteh15/12/2016
Well Service Supervisors16-11/39225Sarawak & Kerteh15/12/2016
Safety Officer16-10/39058Dubai2016 or early 2017
Project Engineer16-03/37445/1DubaiJan. 2017
Senior Project Engineer (400kv Cables)16-03/37443/1DubaiJan. 2017
Project Manager16-03/37428/1DubaiJan. 2017
Project Site Engineer16-03/37446/1DubaiJan. 2017
HR Coordinator16-08/38789GCCAnticipate November 2016
IT Engineer16-10/39137Al KhobarJanuary 2017
Ingénieur qualification16-11/39199ASAP

Job TitleRequisition IDLocationDate
Operational Planning Specialist15-11/36508/3Kuwait CityAnticipated Quarter 1, 2017
Safety & Risk Advisor16-11/39202Ras LaffanJanuary 2017
Senior Welding Engineer16-11/39201DohaDecember 2016
Diving Supervisor Subsea16-11/39209OffshoreImmediately
Senior Geomatics Engineer16-11/39188DohaDecember 2016
Senior Planning Engineer16-11/39198/1DohaImmediately
Senior Cost Engineer16-11/39197DohaImmediately
Head Installation Engineer16-11/39196DohaImmediately
Head Construction Engineer16-11/39184DohaImmediately
Change Coordinator16-11/39185DohaImmediately
Senior Material and Corrosion Engineer16-04/37705/2Bul HanineImmediately
Document Controller15-09/35821/4DohaImmediately

Job TitleRequisition IDLocationDate
Senior Loss Prevention Engineer15-09/35815/1DohaDec 2016
FIELD OPERATOR16-07/38581ANTWERP02/01/2017
HSE Supervisor16-11/39176Sembawang, SingaporeImmediate
Junior Mechanical and Hydraulic Technician16-10/39082Halul OffshoreNovember 2016
Workshop Maintenance16-11/39169Abquaiq, East-CoastAnticipated February 2017
Extra Curricular Instructor16-11/39166AbquaiqAnticipated January 2017
English Language Instructor16-09/38941Abquaiq, East-CoastAnticipated March 2017
Science Instructor16-09/38943Abquaiq, East-CoastAnticipated March 2017
Rig Mechanic16-09/38940Abquaiq, East-CoastAnticipated February 2017
Rig Electrician16-09/38939Abquaiq, East-CoastAnticipated February 2017

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