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Intergraph®’s Process, Power & Marine

Application Engineer, Post Implementation

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MY-Kuala Lumpur
Customer Support/Technical

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Intergraph®’s Process, Power & Marine division creates solutions that enable the design, construction, and operation of process and power plants, offshore platforms, and ships, and provides the information management capabilities to build and operate those facilities. Intergraph has been ranked the No. 1 overall worldwide leader in the engineering design 3D software and Process Engineering Tools (PET) market according to the ARC Advisory Group. Our leadership position is backed by a proven track record of high-quality product development, a global customer base of industry leaders, and a worldwide sales and support network. Intergraph Process, Power & Marine’s business is based on a strong financial foundation and steady growth.

Position Summary/Purpose

Application Engineer is to provide support at a variety of levels. As an Application Engineer, the incumbent will be tasked with responding to, and resolving, all end user service calls and enquiries, as well as escalations from non-technical support staff. When questions or problems arise, the support member is the first line of support. The incumbent will also expected to routinely monitor the SPE solution and network infrastructure and provide new solutions to resolve issues. Additionally, the position requires close communication with multiple departments while maintaining issue ownership. The incumbent must be proficient in documentation and have the ability to work independently on support issues all while following company procedures and policies. It is required to ensure that accurate records of any faults and resolutions for the problems are kept accordingly. While there is no spoon feed provided, the incumbent must take own initiative to build a knowledge base and effectively priorities his/her workload whilst managing unplanned technical support issues. It is also expected the incumbent to take proactive, hands-on stance to service SPE system, network infrastructure trouble-shooting and problem solving. Capable of supporting 2D Engineering Design Tools in the Brownfield environmental.

Responsibilities/Main Activities

• Provides options for issue resolution and identifies business process improvement opportunities
• Provides functional application and business expertise to support end users
• Manages application service requests (problem resolution, new functionality, new structures)
• Delivers training to end users in support of upgrades, enhancements and refresher courses
• Recommends work-around and process improvements or modifications to meet business requirements
• Performs routine checking of systems and software status and utilization, and the maintenance status
• Assists with setting up new system
• Assists with testing to ensure the implemented system meets requirements
• Documents functional requirements to support application service requests
• Works collaboratively with team members to develop communication and training to support end user readiness
• Provides constant feedback and reports to their superior on weekly and daily basis
• Provides 2D Engineering Design Tools support to Post-Implementation environment.

Qualifications and Experience Required

• The incumbent must possess at least a bachelor degree in IT or Engineering with CGPA of 3.0 and above
• Strong knowledge in Microsoft Windows standard functionalities including DOS commands
• Understanding of the networking based system (e.g. firewall, routers, switches, ISP etc.) and architecture
• Good understand of MS Office applications especially Excel worksheet and macros programming
• Fresh graduates can be considered
• Good knowledge on IIS and web based programming
• Experience and knowledge in the oil and gas industry and its project management and operations procedures and mechanisms is an ad. For example, document control, document reviewing cycles, workflow management and so on
• Possess good knowledge of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which includes Oracle and MSSQL setup, administration and maintenance (e.g. backup, maintenance plan, monitor database performance, resource availability etc.) • Expertise in various programming languages such as Excel macro, ASP.NET, and XML
• Have experience in using SPE products and good knowledge in administering these product

Key Behavioural Competencies

Employee Behavioural Profiles - ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE (RESULTS ORIENTATION) - Strives to do the job well and/or exceed expectations. Works to meet set targets and persists in achieving a standard of excellence in all situations, Employee Behavioural Profiles - ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Maintains an orderly working style and demonstrates a concern for increasing order, clarity and efficiency. Finishes tasks completely and to deadline, able and willing to follow procedures., Employee Behavioural Profiles - CONCEPTUAL THINKING - Applies and modifies complex concepts or methods to identify key issues, patterns or connections between situations that are not readily obvious. Fits information into mental models and frameworks, Employee Behavioural Profiles - CRITICAL INFORMATION SEEKING - Takes personal responsibility for investigating a problem or situation by asking direct questions and consulting all available resources. Accesses critical information and uses input from immediate team or environment., Employee Behavioural Profiles - CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTATION - Strives to add value to the organisation and works well with others across Intergraph business to maximise service to the customer. Makes self available and adapts readily to changes in customer requirements., Employee Behavioural Profiles - DEVELOPING OTHERS - Provides behaviourally specific feedback and suggestions for improvement and believes that others want to and can learn. Makes positive comments regarding others abilities or potential even in difficult cases modelling desired behaviour., Employee Behavioural Profiles - PROACTIVITY - Identifies Opportunities for improvement and acts on them. Takes action in areas beyond direct personal responsibility and questions the way things are done to improve on current processes, encouraging others to follow suit., Employee Behavioural Profiles - PERSONAL INFLUENCE - Calculates the impact of one’s Actions or Words adapting responses to appeal to others’ views or ideas. Adapts presentation or discussion to appeal to the interest and level of the audience and is able to identify key decision makers., Employee Behavioural Profiles - INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS - Actively builds relationships and is able to develop quick, initial rapport with others. Uses non-verbal skills and body language effectively and is sensitive to cultural differences, Employee Behavioural Profiles - INTEGRITY - Demonstrates belief in and commitment to Intergraph's values by acting consistently with the values. Is open and honest in all situations and recognises that everyone, including self, can make mistakes., Employee Behavioural Profiles - PROBLEM SOLVING - Analyses relationships among several parts of a problem or situation and breaks down a complex task into manageable parts in a systematic way. Generally anticipates obstacles and thinks ahead about next steps., Employee Behavioural Profiles - RELATIONSHIP BUILDING - Makes a conscious effort to build rapport with colleagues and customers on a daily basis. Creates mutuality or common ground with others and cultivates work-related personal relationships., Employee Behavioural Profiles - TEAM WORKING - Looks at ways to help other team members complete their work and sets a good example through enthusiasm and commitment to team goals. Encourages other team members and acknowledges those who have performed well., Employee Behavioural Profiles - TEAM LEADERSHIP - Sets and communicates clear standards for performance and uses authority fairly. Works to resolve conflicts or differences in difficult situations to ensures completion of tasks.

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