Friday, December 9, 2016

Intisari Mulia Engineering Sdn Bhd

The types of Inspection and corrosion monitoring personnel which may be required by are as follows:
Specialist Inspection and Corrosion Monitoring Personnel
Item Personnel
 0. Corrosion Technologist
 0. Senior Corrosion Technician
 0. Corrosion Technician Level II
 0. Corrosion Technician Level I
 0. Abseiler Level III (Rope Access Supervisor)
 0. Abseiler Level II
 0. Abseiler Level I
 0. Inspection Engineer
 0. Senior Inspection Coordinator
 0. Senior Plant Inspector
 0. Senior Welding Inspector
 0. Senior Ultrasonic Inspector
 0. Senior Painting Inspector
 0. Plant Inspector
 0. Welding Inspector
 0. Ultrasonic Inspector
 0. Painting Inspector
 0. Ultrasonic Inspector cum Abseiler Level I
 0. Tank Inspector
 0. Assistant Inspector
 0. Technical Assistant
 0. Radiographer
 0. Lifting Equipment Surveyor
 0. API 510 Authorized Inspector
 0. API 570 Authorized Inspector
 0. API 653 Authorized Inspector
CONTRACTOR shall provide to PC(T)SB resumes for all proposed personnel.
CONTRACTOR shall thoroughly evaluate each resume to ensure compliance with the requirements. A form signed and stamped by the CONTRACTOR summarizing the CVs details and indicating the full compliance with the CONTRACT requirement shall be submitted with each CV in addition to a signed and stamped copy of all related documentation i.e. diploma, degree, certificate of proficiency, etc. Resume’s submitted shall include the types of equipment with which the candidate has experience and is authorized to inspect. Acceptance of personnel by PC(T)SB shall not relieve the CONTRACTOR of its responsibilities.
CONTRACTOR shall establish personnel development system to ensure Turkmeni¬stan citizen participation in executing WORK competent to meet contractual and established international codes and standard requirement.
Turkmenistan citizen participation shall be achieved as 10% minimum by end of 1st year contract period and 30% minimum by end of 3rd year contract period.
CONTRACTOR personnel shall have a ‘Radiation Survey Meter’ during the work and the record of the last calibration before commencing any radiographic work.
CONTRACTOR personnel shall be required to display on their bodies either a pocket dosimeter or film badge before commencing any radiographic work
A radiographic team shall consist of licensed operator or radiographer whom complies with Turkmenistan law and contractual requirement. 

CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to obtain applicable permission/permits and approval to import, transport, and store, operate and dispose radioactive source as per Turkmenistan law and statutory requirement.
Radiography work within PC(T)SB premises shall be covered by a ‘radiography permit’ with all conditions stipulated there under complied with.
CONTRACTOR shall submit Organization Charts with clear line of reporting with roles and responsibilities of key personnel clearly defined.
•Technical Support Services
•Quality Assurance/Control
•Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
•Materials/Services procurement
The Medical Certificate should confirm that the person is "Medically Fit to Work at WORKSITE".
PC(T)SB shall have the right to verify that the medical certificates, is an original document. The CONTRACTOR shall use the criteria from this document as guidelines - "Recommended General Medical Standards of Fitness for Designated Offshore Employees" as issued by the U.K. Offshore Operators Association. 
For the purpose of PC(T)SB offshore safety passport, medical certificate shall not be more than 6 months old from the date of application to PC(T)SB HSE department.
All personnel (non Turkmenistan citizen) assigned to carry out inspection and corrosion monitoring activities shall be within the age of 28 to 59 years (inclusive).

IME is working together with a local partner in Turkmenistan for a bidding on above works. All interested Inspector/Engineer/Technologist can forward their :

a. CV and Certificates
b. Letter of Consent on CV utilisation for the bidding process.
c. Expected Salary

All CV shall be emailed to

All CV shall reached us by 15th December 2016